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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> victim identified? we could know the person whose body parts were found stuffed inside a suitcase and left on a san francisco street. >> a little girl's trip to the toy store aisle goes terribly wrong and police are searching for a predator. >> the morning commute in the south bay, and this is 101 we zipping right along and leyla gulen will have more information. we know the bay area has the worst congestion in the nation. >> we do. they say there is a brit spot but i look at it at a double edged sword. hail lalling will talk about that and matt keller has that story. the leyla gulen is over there staring daggers at me. and meteorologist mike nicco is over here. >> the bright spot is the respray into the atmosphere. >> good morning, everyone, we talk about the commute and many of us will tack about weather
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and live doppler 7 hd full of should cover and high clouds and no rain this morning and it is "spare the air" day so poor air quality and wood burning ban on a day where we could have record nights and 64 to 689 and inland and around the bay upper sib to low 70's. >> how is it outside? changing the subject. >> i will not mention her name take a look outside right have an accident at the bay bridge the flyever and you can see the flashing lights in the center of the picture blocking two lanes. as we take you interest walnut creek, more flashing lights in the northbound direction and traffic is light but we do have construction that will block lanes until further notice between treat and monument. i forgive you, we start with breaking news, san jose firefighters are on the scene of a fire outside a home with a neighbor hearing three loud
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explosions at 4:00 this morning and firefighters found an s.u.v. on fire and flames threatening a home which is supportive living for disabled with two staff members living inside. firefighters were able to put out the fire before it reached the living area and everyone is safe. >> developing news, san francisco investigators are working with d.n.a. evidence to try to confirm the identity of the dismembered bed found if a suspect. it is thought the suspect knew the we victim well. >> a police source told abc7 they believe the victim could be the suspect's former roommate. the "san francisco chronicle" is nameing that man and using dan evidence to determine if 58-year-old is the man found inside a suitcase on wednesday. he is from vallejo but used it live in san francisco and is known to spend time in the city. body parts including a torso
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were discovered inside the bag and the happens and head are missing making it hard to make an identification. 59-year-old mark andrus was seen on surveillance video wheeling a suitcase in the area the day the discovery was made and police released his picture. friday night he was detained after a trip. saturday he was booked for murder. according to the paper andrus and the man of roommates in 2010 in the tenderloin and a friend of the pair said he had not seen the potential victim for a couple of weeks although there is no missing persons report. the prosecution have until today to decide to file charges. thank you. developing news from hayward this morning authorities are searching for this man accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl in the toy i'll of the 99 aisle
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touching her inappropriately. he is described as latino, at 5' 6 and 150 pounds. the sheriff can be called if you have information in alameda. >> a former stanford swimmer pleading not guilty to rip is due in court next mock. brock turner faces five felony counts for assaulting a. would outside a fraternity party two weeks ago. the woman blacked out and did not consent. turner is now banned from campus and has moved back to his home state of ohio. a judge denies the request yesterday to be excused from future court appear an. >> if you think your commute is bad, take heart, here is a look at the san mateo bridge right now, the known traffic trouble spots looking okay right now especially westbound with the tail lights. although the study says that bay area congestion is bad at least
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it is predictably bad. matt is in the south by. you have some explaining. >> you always want to be predictable. what you said, bay area commutes are long. we know that. the freeways are congested. like you said, at least we know how bad it is going to be every morning. they are not always that reliable. check out this spot. this is one of the most unreliable commutes in the morning between 8 pa and 280 in san jose, good luck to the drivers this morning. this new study led by the metropolitan transportation commission is tracking the performance if an disaster find out where we are succeeding and falling short. transportation is the first phase, and the bay area has the higher-than-average of freeway congestion compared to the biggest metropolitan areas across the country. we have the most reliable freeway travel times. if the commute is bad it is probably always bad. we we have a timetable for how
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long it will take to get to and from work. how we commute is remarkably stable over the past few decade decades. most commuters police officer and work in the same county and conditions of the bridges and highways have measurably improved. the local road pavement conditions have stagnated over the same time period and if you with like to see the full report go to our website at good news for the project to, span bart service to san jose 155 million is superpower on the disaster get riders to the south bay. it is part of a budget proposal unveiled by president obama, the budgeteer marks more than $1 billion for transportation and construction projects through the state overall $800 million will be spent on state transit projects in areas including the bay area, los angeles and san diego. >> new this morning, a just
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released report fines the city of oakland face as $30 million budget shortfall at leaders prepare a new operating budget anticipated to exceed $500 million. our media partners at the oakland tribune say this will derail efforts of police staffing and complicates nexts with union contracts expiring in june when the new budget must be finalized. the economic boom has brought new residents and businesses to oakland but it is not yet turned around the city's finances. >> republicans in the bay area have more than doubled the last year so tonight at 36 we will have a look at the red hot rent am market. >> what do you think? it will be rented quickly? >> some homes are snatched up as fast as they are list today. how high have the rents climbedst what do you get girlfriend your money? our news anchor katie marzullo checks on rising represents. >> in the bay area, take egg
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an extreme because you have incredible together growth and job growth influx of people coming into the area. rising rents: how high will they go? >> a international bird rescue has released 86 cleaned and lety sea birds into the wild and 57 covered in the mysterious goo were set free on saturday. the nonprofit says they may release more tomorrow or thursday. they still have 132 birds if their care each in different states of recovery from being coated in the substance that still has not been identified. >> we turn our attention to the weather because it will change and change big time this week. >> mike? first one of 2015 and a welcome site as we have again so long without rain. now, what is waiting outside on
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the peninsula dress for temperatures and 46 in palo alto and menlo park and cooler at woodside at 44 and 48 in foster city and we have low-to-mid 50s along the east bay shore and 49 in san jose and 42 in san ramon, the cool spot, and mill valley is 53 and from sutro tower it is clean and as we look at the day planner the next 24 hours we are in the low-to-mid 60's by noon and mid-60 to low 70's but record warmth is possible and 60 at 7:00 and today is spire spare day but as we move forward tomorrow should be but not thursday and friday with heavy rain. leyla? >> we look at the san mateo bridge and it is still clear. we see some gaps between the cars and 14 minutes across the water from hayward interest foster city. we have a brand new crash in oakland and it is southbound 880 at the oakland airport three vehicles are involved and one lane is blocked and delays are
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starting to show. as you continue in that we northbound direction trying to make transition to the bay bridge we had an early crash that may have been cleared at 880 flyover we have metering lights and that will cause delays. >> mountain view google has a san francisco start-up in its cross hairs but fares a reality tv dad is ready to go one-on-one with a tell all interview with bruce jenner. >> the reason mcdonald's is making it difficult for customers to order the healthy option. >> meet a man would walked 20 mile as day and generous support he getting to get on road. stay tuned.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning everyone, at 6:13 on tuesday morning a gorgeous picture from our camera looking down at san francisco and the weather is going to change. mike will tell us more about the words "pineapple express." >> olympic legend and reality star bruce jenner will open up to diane sawyer about
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transitioning to life as a woman. the 6 35-year-old is set to sit down with say year for a one-on-one tv interview and portions of the interview will start filming to week and expected to air in may. his ex-wife has not spoken about the gender transition. the stepdaughter talk about the journey which is expected to be ament on "keeping up with the kardashians," his children and step children are supportive. >> new this morning time has run out for convicted murderer charles manson and the 26-year-old man would wants to marry him. the 80-year-old man son got a license to marry the woman who goes by the name "star," hoping to hold the wedding at the state prison, and the license expires on thursday and the prison did not hold wedding on weekdays. they will have to allay for another license if they want to get married. man son is serving life for the
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1969 murders of seven people including pregnant actress sharon tate. >> photos of fidel castro have been released shown speaking with the president of a student group at the university of havana taking place on january 23. it is thought castro could be dead because no one has seen evidence of him since august when photos came out showing him talking with the president of venezuela. a mom and her five-month-old son flying from san francisco got kicked off a trend tear airlines flight after dispute with the flight attendant. the woman was wearing a baby carrier with her child on the front of the body and the flight attendant in denver said she had to take it off because f.a.a. regulations do not permit wearing one during take off and landing. the mom was struggling to stow
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the vest and get in the seat when she was pestered. the airline said the mother was argumentative and owes the staff and the passengers an apology. look out uber, here comes google. they are preparing to offer its own ride-sharing service post likely in conjunction with a long in development driverless car project. the chief legal officer of google has informed the uber board of the possibility and uber executives have sign shots of what appears to be a google ride sharing app. google is a major investor number better pumping in $260 million in 2013. >> a 30-minute car ride to work is stressful but imagine commuting six hours each day. >> that is what a 5-year-old james robertson of michigan does monday through friday commuting 21 miles from detroit to the manufacturing job and after a bus ride he talks the final
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seven miles and that is only one way to work. it taxis 2 1/2 hours and he said he has been making the walk sin -- since 1988. >> i can not imagine not working. i don't want to end up doing nothing. >> do you know how long it took to find a job? >> people in the community have been so inspired they have started a go fund me effort to raise money for a new car. the goal was $25,000 and so for they have raised more than that, $112,000! as of monday. >> that is detroit, surely an automaker could step up and say here is a car for you. >> no one has. and don't call me "shirley." >> he is here each day. >> and now surely everyone
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wants to talk about the rain i know, not 70's comedies. quarter mile visibility in santa rosa is what we have right now and that is the only fog so watch out in and around that neighborhood and some of the immediate cities. san rafael has in fog and 101 is clear all the way down across the golden gate bridge where you will find a cross wind at 9-10 miles per hour from the northeast and north bay that will spike in poor air quality and it is san jose that has the worst air quality just below the threshold. 87 near the magical shark tank this morning and record warmth "spare the air" day the last day for that and tomorrow is the last day to be ready for the first wet and wild weather system of 2015 lasting possibly
6:19 am
four days. we will pick out the 70's, 72 in cloverdale and fairfield and concord and san jose and santa cruz at 70 and 71 in antioch, and morgan hill is 71 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 60's and tonight is mild you will not need the heater mid-90's to low 50's maybe more fog tonight. from hawaii, and moving in on thursday and friday we will get the heavier rain with the river sliding to the south on saturday and a push on sunday and by monday it is gone. here is the timetable: thursday morning at 4:00, commute is going and so is the rain in the north bay through 9:00. during the day we will dip into the heart of bay but weapon the heavy stuff comes in during the afternoon and evening and the breezy conditions with the moderate to heavy rain it is staying north of san francisco and oakland and out to concord and it will move up there through the overnight hours into
6:20 am
friday morning and it will surge back down south and that is when san jose will get three-quarters to 1.5ible of rain and we get 1-3 inches in the rest day. if we have flooding or trees down the best area would be the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains and it will be mild with the system coming in from the west, mid-to-upper 60's. leyla gulen? >> i will talk about mass transit because we have 53 bart trains running on time and no delays at vpa and ace trains 1 3 and 5 are rolling so if you need to make it into the south bay from the a mass you may want to use a train because there is a ton of traffic. the golden gate bridge shows traffic moving nicely from marin with more cars. northbound traffic is light. we have this act causing heavy delays approaching the exit for
6:21 am
oakland airport so southbound 880 we have one lane blocked. great castro valley northbound 238 slow and go dot nimitz and 22 miles per hour speed. moving over to highway 92 and south of there it is 22 miles per hour. it will take an hour from tracy to dublin so no chance of correcting itself. >> the retail world can see another merger and we will find out which retailers could become one. >> first apple and amazon, "7 on your side" pans with "consumer -- partners with "consumer reports" all ahead. stay tuned.
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you can now order a salad at done done rather than fries but do not expect employees to tell you at least in some locations. we obtained an internal memo to employees at new jersey mcdonald's location telling workers not to suggest side salad as a healthy option unless discuss informs requested. mcdonald's responded to the report by saying customers are made aware of both choices based on the menu board. step aside sirry there is a new voice recognition we software and amazon has it. "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" check it out. on-line retail giant amazon has introduced the echo similar to apple's siri or google using
6:25 am
voice recognition to respond to questions and commands. but rather than having to pull out your smartphone echo sits this one stop so it is particularly handy in a home or office. >> what is the amazon echo? >> amazon echo is a device designed do provide information with your voice music news both, and more. >> "consumer reports" electronicsed editor brought it home to practice with his fee. >> what is the square root of 720? >> the is great for spitting back quit facts. >> 720 square root is 26.83. there are some limitations, notely when you try to bay items from am citizen. >> it accident go into the wish list but puts it in a shipping
6:26 am
list and you have to go to amazon separately and get it. >> it is not ideal for local information or sports. >> with won machine night football? i cannot answer that. try using we other links that have been added. >> there is a big potential for the echo because it is scored in amazon's cloud. >> as amazon increases the intelligence it makes the product you bought today better a year from now. for now the novelty has not warn off. >> tell me a joke? >> what is black and red all over? an educated penguin. >> you can request an invitation to bay it and if you are amazon prime you get a discounted price of $99 and it usually sells for $200. >> siri tell as lot ofjects and they ought to have a competition
6:27 am
on who is more funny. kids will love that. >> morning news continues at 6:30 with the top steps. >> probably presidential candidate hillary clinton weighs in to the measles outbreak with advise for parents. >> family feud a new dispute between robin williams' children and his widow. >> we have a surveillance video of a man that police in the east bay are looking for. >> a picture of walnut creek southbound 680 collecting a lot of traffic there. you are almost stopped at treat boulevard. traveling northbound there is still lingering construction
6:28 am
causing delays this morning. i will tell you where the other problem spots are when we return. stay
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'n cream. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning. 6:30. how about a look outside a gorgeous view of both sides of bill seen from the east bay hills camera. we have a "spare the air" day so watch out for that and a much anticipated rain coming our way. a lot gig on. thanks for joining us. >> leyla gulen is following traffic and now more on the weather. >> after 40 days of reliving the ground hog movie because it is dry that long we will change things but not until thursday. today is "spare the air" day and wood burning ban and all the fog is around santa rosa at three-quarters of a pile on live doppler hd. you can see how clean it is in the bay with san jose with the
6:31 am
poorest air quality. near record high temperatures today, 66 at 712 inland and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and mid-60's to increasely 70 around the bay. thanks, mike, on the roads? >> from afar looking at bay bridge it looks peaceful and beautiful, but when you are in the middle of it it is a pain. question have a last traffic coming from the east bay to san francisco and we don't have as much here in san rafael as you make the pump to 580 we are seeing extra tail lights as we take a look at san jose the drive along 280 northbound away from highway 17 also loading up into cupertino. back do the breaking news we are following in san jose firefighters are trying to determine what sparked a fire at assisted living facility a story bebrought you at 4:30 this morning. the flames break out before 4:00 at the home near sierra road in san jose. a neighbor reported hearing three loud explosions and
6:32 am
firefighters got there only to find an s.u.v. on fire and flames threatening the home the home is used as supportive living for the disabled and two kleins and two staff members live inside. >> i lost a car but everyone made it out alive so i don't care. it is just a car. i got other cars. >> the flames did cause minor damage but crews put down the fire before it reaches the living area. >> now developing news in alameda, sheriff investigators are searching for the hand who molest add young girl inside a 99 cent store and they hope surveillance video will help them fine him. our reporter is near hayward with the story. the store has security when you walk in you can see there is a security guard at the appropriate door and there is a monitor right there showing what the cameras are looking at so you know you are on camera and they captured an image.
6:33 am
look at the images. this is the man they are looking for latino man described as thin and young, about 18-20. though say he me lefted an 8-year-old girl in the store's toy aisle. >> he cornered the little girl in the aisle and we grabbed her and forcefully put his hand down her pants. >> this happened at the 99 cent store on sunday afternoon on mission boulevard in hayward. the girl's mother was right around the corner when it happened. customers say though are concerned abut the number of homeless people that hang out in this parking lot but police say it would be unusual for a homeless person to commit this crime and don't thing that had anything to do with it. the victim was take ton children's hospital to be checked. police are hoping if anyone recognizes this man they will give them a call. police are investigating a shooting that took the life of a
6:34 am
man in east oakland. it happened after 8:00 last night on mcarthur boulevard and 94th. police say the man was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the hospital. no arrests have been made. a $20,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> a family feud over the estate of robin williams is taking place in san francisco. his wife and his these childrens are at odds. according to court filings she claims her step children took some things of williams without her permission. she is asking the court to exclude the contends of their home such as jewelry and memorabelia and other items of the williams say the children should have discussed trying to change the trust agreement. the comic was found dead if his home back in august. developing news, politicians are weighing in on the meals out-- measles
6:35 am
chris christie say it is a parents' choice and rand paul agrees noting the vaccine shoulding voluntary and linked to the shots to mental disorders. doctors and president obama are urging parents to vaccinate their children. >> the centers for disease control recommended children get their first dose of measles vaccine when they are 12- to 15-months providing great protection for measles and also helps protect other children who are too young or unable to get vaccinated. >> governor chris christie later backtracked from the stand saying there is in question kids shut be vaccinated. sent paul's staff fine tuning the remarks saying he believes vaccines have saved lives. >> hillary clinton is weighing in on the vaccination debate tweeting the follow message overnight: the science is clear: the sort round, the sky is blue and vaccines work. let's protect all our kids. >> the city of san leandro gets
6:36 am
a military vehicle despite oks from the community. the city council voted to green lit a police request to buy the armored vehicle with $200,000 federal grant. police say it woulden -- would be the only s.w.a.t. vehicle in northern california but opponents say a tank with gun ports is threatening and escalated dangerous situations. >> officials will consider tightening restricts on outdoor watering and discuss whether to go beyond the current ban on hosing down drives and everwaterring lawns. they will consider regulating times of operation for sprinklers of the the board could require households to be audited for leaks after the dryest january on record. >> does the bay area's terrible traffic have a silver lining? the good news about our bad backups. >> it was the go to spot for everything electronic but the
6:37 am
future of radio shock this morning is very much this morning in doubt. >> bay bridge toll plaza is backed up at this time of the morning at 6:37. (prof. burke) the more you learn about your insurance the more gaps you may find. like how you thought you were covered for this... (pirate) ahh, haha! (prof. burke) ...when you're really only covered for this. (pirate boy) ahhh, haha! (prof.burke)talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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>> on this tuesday, during a typical february our average if san francisco is high and low two degrees from going and to the end, with 4.5 inch the third wettest month and we could get only half of that with the next atmospheric event that will dutch heavy snow we hope in the higher elevations. the snow pack is only 22 percent, not much more than this time last year. we will have 70 degree weather in the value valley 83 in palm springs 66 in monterey. the seven-day forecast shows
6:40 am
lake tahoe get up there early. let the snow come to you. thursday and especially friday saturday sunday and monday. >> finally. here is a look at san jose the drive on 87 beyond julian street it is looking clear and traffic is moving along fine and the neighbor to the north though is slowing down at 41 miles per hour as you pass alum rock avenue and before you get there to the 280/680 extension we have report of a new crash so it is possibly blocking one lane and slowing. you would be in better shape taking 87, a necessary wide picture of the south bay with clear conditions beyond the nimitz and if you are headed to the san jose airport no delays as you make the drive right into cupertino but the traffic is building and further to the north, the dumbarton and san mateo bridge all moving at top speed. a rain on a parade? a new delay now facing the have been champions and their big party.
6:41 am
>> is office depot getting ready if a mega merger in a deal new reportedly in the works and some are against the combination. >> you can stay in the know with abc7 looking at the san mateo bridge with traffic and weather together. stay tuned.
6:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪
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♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back it is 6:43. most of us are not fond of the commute but transit officials say it is the worst in the country. this morning, a study finds while the commute could be bad at least it is reliable. >> our reporter joins us from shows with details on what this really means. matt? >> i have good news for workers
6:44 am
in santa clara county. you have the lowest average commute time in all of the bay area. that is great right? check this out. this is 101 between 85 and 280 and this is the most unreliable commutes in the morning we heard about an accident on 101 and constitutionally road -- tully road so you will be backed up. this stretch is unreliable. that is things exception to the rule. a study by the transportation commission found the bay area has higher-than-average level of freeway congestion compared to the rest of the country but we have the most reliable freeway highway travel times the if it is bad it is always bad but at last you have a town time how long it takes to get to and from work. there are few exceptions such as state 101 and 42 in northern contra costa county and on interstate 80 and times have remained remarkably stable over the past few decades with most commuters living and working in
6:45 am
the same county and conditions in the bay area bridges and highways have measurably grabbed but local road pavement continues have stagnated over the same time period. the new study is an initiative to track the performance of the area to find out where we are succeeding and falling short. first phase is transportation. that is fold by land use. the economy. then the environment. if you would lake to see the full report on transportation go to >> radio shock is in talks to sell half the fors and shut down the rest of the stores, 4,000 stores across the country closing doors. radio shack has been in talks with poe financial biters like amazon and haven't to operate under the again that bays them or co-brand the store. they date back 100 years and have expanded to sell more electronics which was
6:46 am
unsuccessful. radio shack has not made a rest in two years. >> they love -- lost their niche. it was once fine but it became a scum legal trekics store if a crowded field. >> employees are toll to shift inventory and slash prices. >> there be more of a sting in your wallet at hotels. >> and thermostats pay for themselves this two years. >> good morning to you off to the races for are market big gains at the on the do you is up 190 and nasdaq up by 30 and s&p 500 higher by 18 and we see oil prices creep up a little bit and that is helping the market feel more comfortable. staples and office depot are if
6:47 am
advance talks to merge and that is according to the "wall street journal" that says any merger would get a last scrutiny for antitrust regulators. the stores think they have enough competition from am doll and wal-mart. how long does it take for a special thermostat to pay for itself? >> two years according to the energy drift of oregon and the company saying although they cost $250 they reduce heating and cooling costs while away. >> if hotel rooms are more expensive it is not your imagination the average rate is the highest ever in 2014 at $115 a night and analysts believe rates and guest fees will go up more this year. >> the most wi-fi accessible airline goes to delta tops for having the most flights with wi-fi. virgin america was second and awful flights have wi-fi but a smaller fleet so the number of
6:48 am
flights have grown substantially in the past two years. >> jane, now you don't have to talk to the guy silting -- sitting next to you that you don't know. >> put on are your headphones. >> the new england patriot got a warm welcome in boston. >> the new england patriot touched down a day after defeating the seahawks in arizona. a crowd of fans waited in the cold and snow for the buses to arrive at the stadium. the area has been hit with multiple snow storms that is dumped 2' of snow. the parade scheduled for today has been moved to tomorrow. >> patriots tight end was a guest on jimmy kimmel. he revealed he partied most of the night away after the super bowl win and he is not done yet. >> i heard our parade was moved
6:49 am
to wednesday. so i was planning on sleeping tonight and getting to the parade tomorrow but since it is moved to wednesday i will be up all night. >> he said after working hard for the last 15 months it is time to have fun. >> okay... >> and that will be more fun than jerry rice after the super bowl three would go back and run. that kind of work ethic. >> he had a legendary work equity-- ethic. >> have you become a legend 40 days without rain? >> 40 days and 40 nights without rain. groundhog day. we have relived it. good morning everyone the fog in santa rosa, that is it. everyone else is hazy. high clouds kept a lot of the fog from forming and look where
6:50 am
the storm track is moving north as we talk about dumping the much needed rain up to portland right now, as far as us, it looks like a painting this morning. we have poor air quality possible in the north bay and poorest air quality is in san jose but it is below the threshold of being unhealthy on this 23rd "spare the air" with wood burning ban again. our maintains are meeting the colorful clouds as we look from sutro tower to the east and near record warmth and tomorrow is the last dry day to be ready for the first i atmospheric river of 2015. thursday through sunday. the temperatures are impressive at 72 in cloverdale and livermore and 71 in antioch and morgan hill and santa cruz, san jose concord fairfield napa santa rosa 70 everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 60's so we will threat an few records,
6:51 am
mid-to-upper 40's inland and upper get to low 50's around the bay well above average and overnight saving money on the heating bill. pineapple express is coming in on thursday and especially on friday for most of the bay thursday in the north bay and saturday could sink to the south but it will make one last push on sunday before it finally fades away on monday. on thursday, at 4:00, everyone is dry and the rain moves into the north bay during the morning. it will hoof spat heart of the bay by noon just barely we with the moderate-to-heavy rain staying in the north bay all day thursday and thursday night. on friday we will have a good push of heavy moisture. 3-5 inches in the north bay and 1-3 ims for -- inches for most of us. the seven-day forecast shows with the storm coming in from the west it will not be cooler, mid-to-upper 60's but get ready
6:52 am
wipers umbrellas everything, you need them. >> we started with our 360 view, you can see the traffic is starting to hit the brakes and we are traveling northbound along 101 as you make it up to the peninsula looking quite slow. in the southbound direction it looks like traffic is decent but we have plenty of cars behind us with the headlights. you can see how the traffic is moderately moving and we will find areas where we have traffic getting stuck there and moving through. now it looks lick there is an improvement. very heavy in walnut creek and southbound 680 bumper-to-bumper traffic at the highway 24 and we have a brand new motorcycle accident westbound 580 at the macarthur maze causing heavy delays and coming through berkeley the drive along the peninsula, on 280 that is a better spot and focus on sfo you
6:53 am
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whether you are just joining us or head out the door here seven things to know. a possible i.d. on the man whose dismembered body was left if a suitcase in san francisco. sources say that the victim may have been a friend and former roommate of the suspect who now is in custody. investigators are still working to confirm the victim's identity. alameda county sheriff deputies are asking for help to identify this man caught on surveillance video at a 99 cent only store in hayward accused of molesting an 8-year-old girl in the toy aisle of the store at mission boulevard on sunday. >> three late comic robin williams windshield zoe in a battle with the children over the estate. the step marry claims they took personal item row asking and is asking the san francisco court to exclude content of the home they shared from the estate trust. >> four, a new report finds the city of oakland facing a $30 million budget shortfall. the gap threatens to derail
6:56 am
efforts to increase police staffing. >> five, $165 million could be spent to ex band part service under president obama's proposed budget with $1 billion total ear, maaed for frank and construction projects throughout the state. >> and a cloud deck on the ferry ride. we are in the low-to-mid 60's by noon and mid-60 to 70 with high clouds and a "spare the air" day. >> seven, as we take you to the macarthur maze you can see traffic is stopped right around this area where we have a motorcycle crash blocking two lanes. what is it doing to the commute? 41 miles per hour to travel, 15 miles from hercules to the maze that will take you 30 minutes! >> thank you's major -- thank you for joining us. this is our
6:57 am
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morning america, good morning, america. and happening now -- deadly freeze. massive pileups as temperatures plunge into the single digits overnight. all that snow and rain turning highways into dangerous sheets of ice. >> it's a parking lot here. the deep freeze stopping trains on their tracks, passengers stranded for hours. and now another blast of snow is on the way. outbreak battle -- now more than 100 cases of measles across the country. a new alert learning parents to vaccinate their kids and the battle breaking out among 2016 presidential hopefuls. >> fighting for her life -- new details this morning on bobbi kristina brown. her family by her side right now. the police report describing a possible drowning. and we hear what her father, bobby brown, says about her struggle since her mother's death.


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